How to Clean a Caravan

Posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Just like our cars, motorbikes, road bike and anything else we take pride in, we like to clean our caravans and ensure that they’re looking great on the inside, and on the outside too.

When it comes to cleaning a caravan, there are a few common misconceptions and a couple of mistakes that people make that will either damage the finish of your caravan or leave it not looking as clean as you would like it to be.

In this article we’re going to give some pointers and advice on how to clean a caravan so it looks great and is kept in great condition too. We’ll also let you how not to clean a caravan to make sure you don’t damage your paintwork during the cleaning process.

Do Not Use Pressure or Steam Cleaners

One of the most important pieces of advice experienced caravan owners will give you is to resist the urge to use a pressure washer for cleaning your caravan.

Although using a pressure or steam washer is a quick and effective way to clean cars and bikes, they are too powerful and not suitable to use with a touring caravan.

Use Specialist Caravan Shampoo

This might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but there can be an easy temptation to use a standard car shampoo that you already have for cleaning your caravan.

Although it might not seem it, car shampoo can be too abrasive for your caravan, potentially causing it to scratch and damage the windows and door seals. Over time, this could cause the caravan to develop leaks.

Motorhome shampoo is also unsuitable. Caravans and motorhomes are made from different materials, so be sure to stick to specialist caravan shampoo when cleaning your caravan.

Start at the Top

Where to start cleaning your caravan? Start at the top, right at the top with the roof. Starting with the roof will save you time further down the line when you’re cleaning a caravan.

You will likely want to start with the side panel, because the easiest part to clean; flat and easily accessible. But if you clean the sides first, once you start on the roof all the dirt and unclean water will run down the sides that you have already cleaned, undoing your earlier work.

By starting with the top of the caravan and ending the lower parts, when the dirt runs off from the roof it will land on unclean parts that are yet to be washed, so no harm done.

Caravan Security: How To Make Your Caravan More Secure

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

When it comes to caravaning there are several things that spring to mind we’re thinking about our caravan experience.

For many of us, we think about where we are going to go first, for other we think about what we need for the trip to ensure we’re comfortable.

During the thought process caravan security and safety comes to mind, often before we even think about planning our getaway.

Just as with being at home, we want to feel safe and secure in our caravan and we want to ensure that when we’re not in it that all our possession within, and the caravan itself are secure and still how we left them when we return.

Here are some tips for how you can make your caravan more secure when at home and when on site.

Caravan Security at Home

Location and Storage

When you caravan is not in use, consider where you are going to keep it.

If you can, look to keep the caravan behind some sort of barrier, such as a locked gate or fence, in a garage, or even in a shed (if you have one big enough).

Not only does this help to keep the caravan out of sight, but having a lock and key to protect the caravan will really help up its security and deter thieves.

Valuable and Contents

Keeping your valuables safe is something that we all look to do at all times, so it should be no different with a caravan.

Empty your caravan of valuables that you think could draw attention and keep them stored away inside. If you have no spare storage space in your house, at least ensure the valuables within the caravan are hidden and out of view.

Items such as TVs, DVD players and radios, that are are often taken on caravan holidays to provide entertainment are highly valuable and enticing to thieves. Make sure, if they can be removed, that you store them in a safe place.

Even items such as tools and repair equipment that might not be the most eye-catching items are targets for thieves as they carry value. Ensure they’re secure and out of site to reduce the risk of your caravan becoming a target.

Do not keep the ownership detail and paperwork of the caravan inside the caravan itself. If it gets stolen and the documents are inside, the thieves can look like the legal owners and sell the caravan.

Install Quality Locks and Wheel Clamps

It goes without saying that your caravan should be locked at all times when you’re not using it, whether that’s during the winter or if you’ve gone off site for supplies.

Make sure your caravan is locked and that you have a high quality wheel clamp. Make sure all your equipment is in working condition strong enough to do the job.

Caravan insurance can become invalid if the correct precautions regarding locks and wheel clamps haven’t been taken.

We recommend having a secure door lock, to protect the inside of your caravan. A high quality wheel lock to ensure the the caravan can’t be rolled away. Finally a hitch lock to stop the caravan from being fitted to another vehicle and towed away.

We supply a wide range of caravan security products including hitch locks, door locks, wheel locks and clamps and more.

Caravan Security On Site and Away From Home

When touring with your caravan, your attention to detail and level of security should be just as high as when the caravan in unattended at home, especially as you have will have more valuable items within when you’re using it on holiday.

Find a Secure Site

Make sure that you use a recognised caravan site to stay on. Pick a site with plenty of other caravans and tents in, preferably with security and restricted access to those staying on that particular site.

Leave Someone With the Caravan 

When your caravan is attached to your car and you need to leave it; to pay for petrol or to run into a shop, for example, leave someone with the caravan.

Having a person with the caravan will deter thieves and will help prevent them from targeting your caravan.

Should all of your passengers need to leave the vehicle make sure you always attach a wheel clamp or lock to the vehicle and try to park it where you can see it.

Always Take Your Valuables

Even if you’re parked on a secure site, when you leave the caravan and go off-site – even if only for a few minutes – take all your personal belongings and valuables with you, such as: money, wallets, mobile phones and tablets, passports and other travel documents.

Should your caravan be broken into on site, ensure that nothing of real value is taken.

Caravan Insurance

Although it is not a legal requirement, invest in some quality insurance cover for your caravan. If in the worst-case something does happen to your caravan, ensure that you are covered and that your caravan insurance will cover the cost of theft and loss.

You can read our guide What You Need To Know about Caravan Insurance for more information.

If you have any enquiries or questions about our caravan security products and how we can help make your caravan more secure, please feel free to contact us.








What You Need to Know about Caravan Insurance

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

What You Need to Know about Caravan Insurance

When you’re towing whilst driving, make sure that you are aware that driving with a tow and regular driving are very different propositions and require different approaches. You should know that different rules apply and what those rules are, to ensure you’re staying within the rules of the road at all times.

What you are allowed to tow changes depending on the weight of the vehicle, how long you’ve had your licence and what type of licence you have.

You should also make sure you know the insurance requirements and what your own insurer will cover you for.


Is Caravan Insurance a Legal Requirement?

Due-to-the-fact that a caravan isn’t a self-propelled vehicle, caravan insurance is not a legal requirement, unlike cars and motorbikes that require a minimum of third party insurance by law.

Motorhomes and campervans do require insurance by law, because they don’t need to be towed.

Some car insurance policies will cover your caravan, however they may have size and weight restrictions so it is recommended that you contact your insurance to firstly check if your existing policy covers your caravan, and secondly to double check the restrictions.

What Should Caravan Insurance Cover?

Depending on who’s going to be using the caravan, how much you use it and why you’ll be using it (for example, whether it’s for touring or to set up and leave in one place for a week or so) you might need your caravan insurance to cover a range of requirements and criteria.

You should consider various features on your policy such as:

  • European cover
  • Accidental damage
  • Contents insurance
  • Awning cover
  • Storm damage and ‘acts of God’

Be sure to check with your insurer what the policy covers before setting off, just to ensure that your policy does exactly what you need it to.

Which Caravan Insurance is the Best?

It’s difficult to say which caravan insurance is the best one because different people require different levels of cover for various purposes and uses.

It’s recommended that you purchase insurance from a recognised and reputable insurer and that you read reviews of the provider and underwriter before purchasing.

How Expensive is Caravan Insurance?

How expensive caravan insurance is will vary depending on a range of different factors. These include such things as how often you use your caravan, what level of cover you require and the value of the contents within. The security features on your caravan and where you are travelling to will also influence the cost.

As with any insurance, depending on the condition of the current market, rates will vary which will affect the price.

Where to Buy Caravan Insurance

You can find a wide range of caravan insurance providers online as well as insurance price comparison website that offer you many different prices.

You can find caravan insurance from the following websites:

Money Supermarket
Compare Caravan Insurance
Caravan Guard
Quote Zone

Christmas and New Year Opening Dates 2016/2017

Posted on Friday, December 16th, 2016

We’re approaching the end of 2016 which means we’re in the home stretch to Christmas! Here are our opening times and dates for the coming festive period.

We will be closed from the Saturday 17th of December right up to, and including, boxing day. We will reopen on the 27th and stay open until New Year’s Eve.

We’re closed on the 31st December and 1st of January, reopening for a new year of business on the 2nd of January.

From everyone here at Ryedale Caravan and Leisure, we want to wish you a very merry Christmas and hope you have a happy New Year.


20 Caravan Holiday Hacks

Posted on Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Holidaying in a caravan is equally a learning experience as much as it is a fun time for the whole family or all of your friends to enjoy. We’re no stranger to a holiday in a caravan here at Ryedale, and over the years have picked up some little tricks of the trade. To help you get the most out of your caravan we share them in our top 20 roundup.

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May Special Offer

Posted on Monday, May 16th, 2016

To help you make the most of summer, we have a brand new offer for you all.

Huge Stock Clearance Sale : Save up £3245

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April Special Offer

Posted on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

To celebrate the beginning of Spring, we have a brand new offer for you all.

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The 5 Best Caravanning Apps

Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2016

The 5 Best Caravanning Apps

You might want to escape technology for the duration of your holiday, but getting there might be significantly helped with use of one or two of the apps we’ve found.

Finding caravan sites can be  a bit of a chore as most of them are off the beaten track to ensure you have as much peace and quiet as possible – there are plenty of free apps that can be downloaded to help you find your way.

Our personal favourite is the BBQ app, although it’s probably most useful when the sun is shining!

1. The AA Caravan and Camping app includes over 850 unique and beautiful scenic places to camp across England, Wales and Scotland.

Download the AA Caravan & Camping App here!

2. Campr gives you an overview of where you’ll be spending the night; “Campr presents an interactive guide to beautiful campsites including 360 degree panoramas, photography and videos”

Download the Campr Appp here!

3. A super handy app allowing you to filter by price & radius!

Download the Siteseeker App here!

4. A handy app letting you create a list of everything you need to take on holiday with you!

We also have some helpful advice here!

5. Our fave app on the list: recipes and shop listing helping you create the perfect BBQ

Download the iBBQ App here!


Caravan apps

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Wildcamping In A Caravan: How To

Posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Wild Camping: How To

Wild camping means different things for different people, some might think of it as running off into the mountains alone to camp, some of you might think it’s more going hiking alone, but in this sense we use wildcamping to mean parking your caravan up at night anywhere other than a campsite. This could be by the side of the road (not so wild…), or on the beach (getting more and more wild!).

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March Special Offer

Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

To celebrate the beginning of Spring, we have a brand new offer for you all.

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