20 Caravan Holiday Hacks

Posted on Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Holidaying in a caravan is equally a learning experience as much as it is a fun time for the whole family or all of your friends to enjoy. We’re no stranger to a holiday in a caravan here at Ryedale, and over the years have picked up some little tricks of the trade. To help you get the most out of your caravan we share them in our top 20 roundup.


1. Caravan Catering
How much weight you can take in your caravan can sometimes be a concern, and certainly china plates are more susceptible to breaking! Stock up on plastic plates and cutlery from budget range shops such as Poundland, or The Range – they’re less likely to smash and lighter to carry around as well.

2. On the Slope
If you are parking on a downwards facing slope, park the van facing down the slope, it will make it easier to drive off at the end of your stay.

3. Keep Mould at Bay
Use Milton Fluid to stop horrible black mould forming in the tank before winter storage of your caravan.

4. Carpet Customising
If you don’t like the carpet in your caravan, then replacing it is as easy as pie. As you’ll only need small pieces, finding really good quality carpet cut offs will be more than enough and will cost next to nothing.

5. Strike camp early
If you’re using an awning, make sure you pack it up in the evening before you leave. Even a summery morning will be dewy and if packed away damp, the fabric of your awning might be prone to mould and damage

6. Solar power
As well as illuminating your pitch during the evening, solar lights can double up as night lights to gently illuminate a caravan washroom, or children’s sleeping quarters without drawing on the electrical supply.

7. First Aid Kit for Caravans
Don’t leave home without WD40, Milton fluid, a reliable torch, spare fuses, adjustable spanner and two screwdrivers.

8. Be Safe With Gas
You must never store a cylinder of gas on its side and there must be a gap between the LPG and the valve. When liquid escapes it immediately expands to about 200 times its volume, e.g. 1cc of liquid becomes 200cc of vapour – obviously super harmful.

9. Mirror Manoeuvres
If you have to correct the outfit when reversing, look in your towing mirrors and turn the wheel towards the one in which you can see the side of the caravan. This will correct the situation.

10. Keep Mould at Bay
Before winter storage, flush the toilet and rinse the tank with mould cleanser to keep it fresh whilst in winter storage.

11. Thief Proof Your Caravan
Cut out a section of chipboard that matches your caravan’s veneer and slot it behind the lip in one of your caravan’s oddments shelves to form a false floor. This then forms a handy ‘safe’ for thin valuables such as credit cards or currency, which can be slid between the two. Thieves are unlikely to find them easily.

12. Light It Up
If you want light so switch on when you walk into your caravan at night, places like Maplins sell motion-detecting sensors that can easily be hard-wired into your 12V system. It will also save energy by only using power when it’s needed.

13. Rope trick
Towropes you buy from motorists’ shops are intended for towing vehicles on tarmac surfaces such as roads and are definitely not intended to pull cars and caravans off boggy ground. So, if you do have to use a towrope in these conditions, make sure everyone stands well clear because if the rope does break, it could cause a serious injury. The flat braided-type have the highest strength rating.

14. Shake It Up
Fire extinguishers in caravans are almost always powder type, therefore give it a good shake each week to prevent the powder becoming solid. They only give a few seconds discharge, so it’s wise to also have a fire blanket, too.

15. Holidays Under Your Nose
Holidays in the UK are easy to enjoy, as there’s so much to see and do that you may not realise from beaches to woodlands, moors and vibrant cities.

16. Make a List, Check it Twice!
Always make a list of everything you need, planning ahead is the key to a stress free trip.

17. Be Prepared
If your car battery goes flat or you need a tow, you can’t count on the fact that someone might already have them however much they’re willing to help you out. Carry a set of battery leads and a strong towrope, then you’ll have all the equipment necessary to enable someone else to help you. And of course, you can also be a good Samaritan to anyone else in trouble.

18. Treat Yourself
Invest in a second water carrier and double what’s immediately available. You’re on holiday, so take your time…

19. Alternative Awning
The range of awnings on the market ranges from affordable to hundreds of pounds, but if you’re only an occasional caravanner, why not just take your garden gazebo? These can be pitched next to the caravanvan in a matter of minutes and if you don’t have one already.

20. Check your tyres
Caravan tyres do a relatively low mileage and should last a few years. However, the rubber still degrades over time and it’s advisable to check your tyres at the start of each new season for signs of deterioration. Equally, make sure the pressures are correct.

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