January, 2017

How to Clean a Caravan

Just like our cars, motorbikes, road bike and anything else we take pride in, we like to clean our caravans and ensure that they’re looking great on the inside, and on the outside too.

When it comes to cleaning a caravan, there are a few common misconceptions and a couple of mistakes that people make that will either damage the finish of your caravan or leave it not looking as clean as you would like it to be.

In this article we’re going to give some pointers and advice on how to clean a caravan so it looks great and is kept in great condition too. We’ll also let you how not to clean a caravan to make sure you don’t damage your paintwork during the cleaning process.

Do Not Use Pressure or Steam Cleaners

One of the most important pieces of advice experienced caravan owners will give you is to resist the urge to use a pressure washer for cleaning your caravan.

Although using a pressure or steam washer is a quick and effective way to clean cars and bikes, they are too powerful and not suitable to use with a touring caravan.

Use Specialist Caravan Shampoo

This might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but there can be an easy temptation to use a standard car shampoo that you already have for cleaning your caravan.

Although it might not seem it, car shampoo can be too abrasive for your caravan, potentially causing it to scratch and damage the windows and door seals. Over time, this could cause the caravan to develop leaks.

Motorhome shampoo is also unsuitable. Caravans and motorhomes are made from different materials, so be sure to stick to specialist caravan shampoo when cleaning your caravan.

Start at the Top

Where to start cleaning your caravan? Start at the top, right at the top with the roof. Starting with the roof will save you time further down the line when you’re cleaning a caravan.

You will likely want to start with the side panel, because the easiest part to clean; flat and easily accessible. But if you clean the sides first, once you start on the roof all the dirt and unclean water will run down the sides that you have already cleaned, undoing your earlier work.

By starting with the top of the caravan and ending the lower parts, when the dirt runs off from the roof it will land on unclean parts that are yet to be washed, so no harm done.

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