7 Delicious and Easy Dinner Meals for Your Camping Holiday

Posted on Thursday, July 17th, 2014

As British holiday makers, we’ve always felt a certain kinship with the camping holiday. Whether at home or abroad, the sheer sense of freedom and associated with camping means that no one camping holiday is ever the same, and the comparatively sensible costs don’t hurt much either! But one thing that vacationers tend to miss out on when camping or caravanning is the kind of luxurious, mouth-watering meals you expect from a top-tier hotel. That need not be the case though, as with a little practice and foresight, it is perfectly possible to cook a gorgeous meal on the go. Of course there are restrictions when cooking on a camping stove or in the confined space of a caravan kitchen, but these 7 recipes have been designed specifically to circumvent these limitations, bringing gourmet cooking to campsite!

Squash Chilli from Real Food Deals

A warming, hearty vegetarian dish that should be a hit with anyone who enjoys a little spice in their evening meal. This recipe uses butternut squash, a deceptively meaty vegetable with a delightful, fluffy texture, which absorbs the flavours of a classic chilli con carne, leading to a combination that is a pleasing mixture of sweet and savoury. This recipe should create enough chilli to last a few nights, and can be served with either crusty bread or rice.

Chilli Pie from How Stuff Works

Sticking (for a moment) with the chilli theme, this is a classic campfire meal in the states, which is so-called as it mimics a pie, with tortilla chips as the crust, and piping hot chilli (and whatever else you fancy) as the filling. The dish is now popular at most food stands and sporting events throughout American, but it began as a campfire staple.

Halloumi and Vegetable Kebabs from Mountain Warehouse

Halloumi is a cheese that tastes absolutely wonderful when it’s been grilled, and this recipe is a perfect quick-fix dinner solution. Of course, you can use any vegetables that you desire, or even add some grilled chicken and pork if you so desire, the great thing about kebabs is just how flexible they are. This quick and simple dinner is real winner, the fact it can be cooked in minutes and is incredibly healthy is merely a bonus.

One-Pot Chicken Pilaf from BBC Good Food

When camping, you’ll want to keep the washing-up to an absolute minimum, and with this dish, everything is cooked in one pot. The preparation time for this dish is minuscule, and cooking time is around 20 minutes, so it’s a perfect ‘last minute’ dish with a recipe that a monkey could (probably) follow.

Campfire Paella from Y Travel Blog

Another dish that requires very little washing-up, as all the utensils you’ll need is a single (large) pan and a wooden spoon (as well as a smouldering campfire of course). Use wood chips to add an extra smoky flavour to the meal, and though a paella is traditionally for meat and seafood lovers, vegetarians can replace the meat with tofu cubes for a perfectly tasty veggie option. This stodgy, hearty meal should feed as many as 6 campers, and is a spicy, complex and crowd-pleasing favourite!

Dutch Oven-Braised Beef and Summer Vegetables from My Recipes

This is a recipe that will require you own not only a large dutch-over, but also have a few hours free, as the beef deserves a decent amount of time to cook, so it achieves that moist, tender perfection. Another one-pot dish, this is a classic dish “just like grandma used to make,” which is simple, warming, and deceptively complex in terms of its flavours and textures.

Sausage and Fennel Grilled Pizza from The Bald Gourmet

This final recipe truly pushes the boundaries of camping food, taking the kind of wood-baked, crispy pizza you’d expect to find in a top Italian restaurant, and smothering it in seductive goodies. Of course, this is a recipe that should only be attempted by seasoned mobile chefs, but if you master it, your fellow campers will be truly in awe of your skills. Plus, you can choose any toppings you desire, but I highly recommend the fennel, it might seem unconventional, but it really gives the pizza a unique flavour.

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