Caravan Security: How To Make Your Caravan More Secure

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

When it comes to caravaning there are several things that spring to mind we’re thinking about our caravan experience.

For many of us, we think about where we are going to go first, for other we think about what we need for the trip to ensure we’re comfortable.

During the thought process caravan security and safety comes to mind, often before we even think about planning our getaway.

Just as with being at home, we want to feel safe and secure in our caravan and we want to ensure that when we’re not in it that all our possession within, and the caravan itself are secure and still how we left them when we return.

Here are some tips for how you can make your caravan more secure when at home and when on site.

Caravan Security at Home

Location and Storage

When you caravan is not in use, consider where you are going to keep it.

If you can, look to keep the caravan behind some sort of barrier, such as a locked gate or fence, in a garage, or even in a shed (if you have one big enough).

Not only does this help to keep the caravan out of sight, but having a lock and key to protect the caravan will really help up its security and deter thieves.

Valuable and Contents

Keeping your valuables safe is something that we all look to do at all times, so it should be no different with a caravan.

Empty your caravan of valuables that you think could draw attention and keep them stored away inside. If you have no spare storage space in your house, at least ensure the valuables within the caravan are hidden and out of view.

Items such as TVs, DVD players and radios, that are are often taken on caravan holidays to provide entertainment are highly valuable and enticing to thieves. Make sure, if they can be removed, that you store them in a safe place.

Even items such as tools and repair equipment that might not be the most eye-catching items are targets for thieves as they carry value. Ensure they’re secure and out of site to reduce the risk of your caravan becoming a target.

Do not keep the ownership detail and paperwork of the caravan inside the caravan itself. If it gets stolen and the documents are inside, the thieves can look like the legal owners and sell the caravan.

Install Quality Locks and Wheel Clamps

It goes without saying that your caravan should be locked at all times when you’re not using it, whether that’s during the winter or if you’ve gone off site for supplies.

Make sure your caravan is locked and that you have a high quality wheel clamp. Make sure all your equipment is in working condition strong enough to do the job.

Caravan insurance can become invalid if the correct precautions regarding locks and wheel clamps haven’t been taken.

We recommend having a secure door lock, to protect the inside of your caravan. A high quality wheel lock to ensure the the caravan can’t be rolled away. Finally a hitch lock to stop the caravan from being fitted to another vehicle and towed away.

We supply a wide range of caravan security products including hitch locks, door locks, wheel locks and clamps and more.

Caravan Security On Site and Away From Home

When touring with your caravan, your attention to detail and level of security should be just as high as when the caravan in unattended at home, especially as you have will have more valuable items within when you’re using it on holiday.

Find a Secure Site

Make sure that you use a recognised caravan site to stay on. Pick a site with plenty of other caravans and tents in, preferably with security and restricted access to those staying on that particular site.

Leave Someone With the Caravan 

When your caravan is attached to your car and you need to leave it; to pay for petrol or to run into a shop, for example, leave someone with the caravan.

Having a person with the caravan will deter thieves and will help prevent them from targeting your caravan.

Should all of your passengers need to leave the vehicle make sure you always attach a wheel clamp or lock to the vehicle and try to park it where you can see it.

Always Take Your Valuables

Even if you’re parked on a secure site, when you leave the caravan and go off-site – even if only for a few minutes – take all your personal belongings and valuables with you, such as: money, wallets, mobile phones and tablets, passports and other travel documents.

Should your caravan be broken into on site, ensure that nothing of real value is taken.

Caravan Insurance

Although it is not a legal requirement, invest in some quality insurance cover for your caravan. If in the worst-case something does happen to your caravan, ensure that you are covered and that your caravan insurance will cover the cost of theft and loss.

You can read our guide What You Need To Know about Caravan Insurance for more information.

If you have any enquiries or questions about our caravan security products and how we can help make your caravan more secure, please feel free to contact us.








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