Spending Christmas in a Caravan

Taking that Christmas break in a caravan can often seem like an eccentric thing to do. Christmas, after all, is all about tradition, and breaking from tradition and spending Christmas in your caravan might seem a step too far.

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Posted on November 24th, 2015 in Entertainment

Taking Your Dog On A Caravan Holiday

Keep the pets entertained….

It goes without saying that you’ll need to choose a caravan site that accepts dogs/pets. Most caravan sites that you can find listed on the internet or in a directory will indicate whether or not they are dog friendly. If you’re unsure it’s always best to phone them before hand to make sure they allow dogs.

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Posted on October 21st, 2015 in Entertainment, Helpful Hints

How To Keep Kids Entertained on Caravan Journeys

Travelling in your caravan with children can be a tricky situation and, aside from leaving them at home, not much can be done to avoid it.

Everyone remembers long boring car journeys as a kid so hopefully we can offer some guidelines to keep them entertained – with a little bit of your own imagination, you can come up with some ideas to keep them entertained whilst you’re towing your caravan to that magical campsite in the South of France.. or Southend.

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Posted on October 21st, 2015 in Entertainment, Helpful Hints

7 Interior Design Tips for Sprucing up your Caravan

Caravanning is no longer seen as a holiday option for those who can’t afford to go abroad. In fact, in recent years it has gained a reputation as a classy, deceptively boutique way to travel. A home away from home, which offers all the comfort associated with a hotel and the freedom of the open road! You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to jump on this particular bandwagon either. Caravans are incredibly affordable, and could offer potential decades of fun, adventure and excitement.

If you have a certain creative flair, however, and feel that the plain, clinical interiors of most modern caravans is just not for you, then fear not! Refitting the interior of your caravan can be a fun and rewarding project, and by adding a little of your own unique, personal style, your travelling hotel room will feel even more like home. To help you get started, and perhaps catalyse your own creativity, we’ve collated some of our top caravan interior design tips below. Keep reading this post

Posted on July 24th, 2014 in Entertainment

Top 5 Guided European Caravan Tours

The best thing about holidaying in a caravan is that you’re not restricted to just one location. Your caravan acts as your own personal, travelling hotel room (or home away from home if you prefer), shielding you from the elements as you drive from one fascinating location to the next. Of all the continents, Europe is perhaps best suited to caravan travel. Not only is there more history to discover and beauty to absorb than perhaps anywhere else in the world, but the vast majority of the continent is connected by safe, relatively modern motorway systems, which make travelling between stops feel like less of a chore.

Of course, unless you’re a seasoned traveller, you might not know exactly where to go, what with so many options open to you. This is where the caravan tour comes in; a pre-planned route that stops at various campsites and locations over a period of days, generally taking in the very best that the area has to offer. Tours can either be focused on one country, or can span multiple countries, and can be either escorted (where a guide will show you around each location) or unescorted (where you’re given the itinerary and are left to your own devices). Which you choose will depend very much on what kind of holiday-maker you are, but either way, here we have selected 5 of the very best caravan tours available in Europe for your consideration.


Scotland. Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

Scotland. Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

Scotland is a land which has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. Mile upon mile of rolling hills and glistening lakes, punctuated by quaint towns and dynamic, culturally vibrant cities, it is a truly fascinating land, which is ripe for exploration, and rife with exciting caravan tours. The Scottish tours offered by the Caravan Club range from tours of the scenic north, taking in the historic castles and fine scotch whisky Dundee, Aberdeen, to tours which take in everything it has to offer, starting just outside of Glasgow, heading north past Inverness, and returning to the peerless city of Edinburgh. Each offers a variety of historic landmarks and scenic parks, as well as day trips to places such as the Edinburgh Zoo and the Blair Drummond Safari Park. Tour durations range from 7 nights to 28 nights.

Spain and Portugal


Douro Valley. Photo Credit: Paul Baker Hemmings

This 17 day tour offered by The Camping and Caravanning Club is a wine lovers dream. You’ll be travelling from site to site through some of the most gorgeous scenery Southern Europe has to offer. You will be guided at all times by your delightful and knowledgable escorts, Robert and Pauline Hughes, who will take you to some of the best restaurants that you won’t find in the generic tourist books. You’ll also drink your own body weight (possibly) in fine wine, and will even get to see how it’s made, on a day trip to the Douro Valley winemaking region, where you’ll visit a traditional wine estate and even get to partake in a traditional ‘treading of the grapes’. Just make sure you wash your feet first!


Ireland. Photo Credit: Robert Taddeo

Ireland. Photo Credit: Robert Taddeo

Another wonderful tour offered by The Camping and Caravanning Club, this 20 day escorted tour of Ireland is a surprisingly affordable way to see everything the emerald isle has to offer, from the northern tip of Bushmills right down to Killarney. The tour truly has something to offer everyone; wonderful, lively cities such as Dublin and Belfast, some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, vibrant, historic culture and some of the friendliest locals you’re ever likely to encounter. The tour takes you from Larne in Northern Ireland, down the Antrim coast, stopping at the Giant’s Causeway, Derry-Londonderry and the Titanic Museum, where you’ll get to see the great, doomed ship’s dry dock. You’ll then travel to the capital city of Dublin and down the Clare coast to Dingle and the Ring of Kerry.


Dresden, Germany. Photo Credit: Andy von der Wurm

Dresden, Germany. Photo Credit: Andy von der Wurm

This tour is entitled “The Romantic Road’ tour for a good reason. The tour travels along along of the first german trade routes, which dates back all the way to the Middles Ages. The route is scattered with highly romantic sights, as the tour takes in traditional German villages, towering fairytale castles and ancient Bavarian charm, from Valkenburg in the Netherlands, down through Germany and ending up in France. The 22 nights tour is a favourite with couples looking for a romantic getaway with a difference.

The Riviera (France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy)

Rome, Italy. Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

Rome, Italy. Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

By far the most ambitious tour on the list (and also my personal favourite), this epic 48 night tour is obviously only for those of us who can afford to book 50 days off work, but is definitely worth it! To fully explain everything this tour has to offer would take hundreds of words, but needless to say, this leisurely tour will almost certainly be the holiday of your lifetime!

Posted on July 10th, 2014 in Entertainment

Keeping the Kids Entertained when it’s Raining

As we all know, the British weather is unpredictable. A glorious day can turn in to a downpour with a seconds notice. Today, we offer tips on keeping the little ones entertained on those wet and wild days. Keep reading this post

Posted on May 26th, 2014 in Entertainment

5 of the Best Caravan Getaways on Air BNB Right Now!

Want to explore the depths of another country, but are struggling to work out how to get your beloved caravan or camper overseas? Don’t fret, with Air BNB, you can enjoy the nomadic lifestyle without driving for weeks on end… Keep reading this post

Posted on May 15th, 2014 in Entertainment

3 Places all Caravan Lovers Should Visit

For every type of traveller there are iconic places that you just have to have on your bucket list. For those who love cruises, the Mediterranean and Caribbean are must-visit locations whilst back packers just simply have to take some time to explore Central Asia and Australia. People who love, own and travel in caravans are no exception and there are plenty of places where all caravan lovers should visit. We’ve picked our top three… Keep reading this post

Posted on April 23rd, 2014 in Entertainment

Keeping the Kids Entertained on Long Journeys

Long journeys can be tedious, irritating and just down right boring no matter how old you are! But if you have children in the car then you have to not only worry about yourself you’ve also got to try and keep them entertained or you could have a riot on your hands. Luckily for you, we have created a fantastic list of ways to keep the kids entertained on long journeys from the very young ones to teenagers, with ideas to keep the whole family entertained. Keep reading this post

Posted on April 16th, 2014 in Entertainment

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