What You Need to Know about Caravan Insurance

Posted on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

What You Need to Know about Caravan Insurance

When you’re towing whilst driving, make sure that you are aware that driving with a tow and regular driving are very different propositions and require different approaches. You should know that different rules apply and what those rules are, to ensure you’re staying within the rules of the road at all times.

What you are allowed to tow changes depending on the weight of the vehicle, how long you’ve had your licence and what type of licence you have.

You should also make sure you know the insurance requirements and what your own insurer will cover you for.

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Is Caravan Insurance a Legal Requirement?

Due-to-the-fact that a caravan isn’t a self-propelled vehicle, caravan insurance is not a legal requirement, unlike cars and motorbikes that require a minimum of third party insurance by law.

Motorhomes and campervans do require insurance by law, because they don’t need to be towed.

Some car insurance policies will cover your caravan, however they may have size and weight restrictions so it is recommended that you contact your insurance to firstly check if your existing policy covers your caravan, and secondly to double check the restrictions.

What Should Caravan Insurance Cover?

Depending on who’s going to be using the caravan, how much you use it and why you’ll be using it (for example, whether it’s for touring or to set up and leave in one place for a week or so) you might need your caravan insurance to cover a range of requirements and criteria.

You should consider various features on your policy such as:

  • European cover
  • Accidental damage
  • Contents insurance
  • Awning cover
  • Storm damage and ‘acts of God’

Be sure to check with your insurer what the policy covers before setting off, just to ensure that your policy does exactly what you need it to.


Which Caravan Insurance is the Best?

It’s difficult to say which caravan insurance is the best one because different people require different levels of cover for various purposes and uses.

It’s recommended that you purchase insurance from a recognised and reputable insurer and that you read reviews of the provider and underwriter before purchasing.

How Expensive is Caravan Insurance?

How expensive caravan insurance is will vary depending on a range of different factors. These include such things as how often you use your caravan, what level of cover you require and the value of the contents within. The security features on your caravan and where you are travelling to will also influence the cost.

As with any insurance, depending on the condition of the current market, rates will vary which will affect the price.

Where to Buy Caravan Insurance

You can find a wide range of caravan insurance providers online as well as insurance price comparison website that offer you many different prices.

You can find caravan insurance from the following websites:

Money Supermarket
Compare Caravan Insurance
Caravan Guard
Quote Zone

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