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Residencia Awning


The Residencia is a must for all those who are lucky enough to enjoy that holiday retreat all season.  Whether you find yourself pitched for a month or the entire season, strength in both canvas and frame is essential. Our Residencia model is designed with long term residence in mind. With its super strong fabric, extremely sturdy frame and enhanced security pegging, this semi-permanent model is a top of the range investment.

2.40m (8ft) Projection, "Ten-cate" coated polyester walls, "Ten Cate" Coated Polyester, heat Reflective Roof.
Five Piece Awning.
Colour:- Charcoal

Prices from £899

Classic Awning


For the committed explorer. the Classic is a hard-wearing acrylic that will give years of service and it's zip together panels make it easy to erect. A classic favourite for many years with all our customers – and no wonder!  This market leader offers a 5 piece awning that exudes luxury.  Benefiting from "2 Full Ventilated Side Mesh Windows" for those hot and humid summer nights and boasting a one piece seamless "Heat Reflective Roof" all secured down with our unique "Movable Pegging System."

2.4m (8Ft) Projection. Heat Reflective- Ten Cate Coated Polyester Roof. Solution Dyed Breatable, Acrylic Walls.

Five piece Awning

Choice Of Colour:- Gunmetal Grey, Navy Blue or Black Cherry.

Prices From:- £774

Concept 50 Awning


Redesigned to celebrate our 50th year of manufacturing award winning awnings, this exciting model contains all the features that have made this full acrylic model such a winner with caravaners nationwide. The Cocept 50 now forms the base of our Acrysol range, all of which carry our 10 year fade resist and 3 year warranty. 

Innovation and design allow you to open up this 5 piece awning into a welcoming sun lounge that will be the envy of all.  Complete with a "Full Ventilated Side Mesh Window" that can be used in either side and again boasting our unique "Movable Pegging System."

2.4m (8Ft) Projection. Heat Reflective- Ten Cate Coated Polyester Roof. Solution Dyed, Breathable, Acrylic Walls.

5 Piece Awning. 

Colours:- Gunmetal Grey, Navy Blue, Black Cherry

Prices From:- £574

Aspire Awning

New for 2014, the Aspire range offers fantastic value for money for the discerning caravaner who previously could only "aspire" to owning a Bradcot. Suitable fabrics were sourced to meet our exacting standards, whilst also keeping an eye on the costs. This exhaustive search has enabled us to provide a range of awnings at a price you would normally only expect to find from inferior products produced in the far east.

5 Piece awning with"Ten Cate" coated Polyester roof and walls.

Projection 2.4mtr (8ft)  

Colour: Charcoal with light grey.

Priced from £399

Modus Porch

Whether it's for the weekend or for a long stay, the Modus caravan porch awning does it all.  Simply start with the 2mtr wide Modus Porch Awning and then add any of the 3 different Porch Awning extensions  available to create the space that you require.

How frustrating is it trying to find a caravan porch awning that wont run down the middle of your caravan window?  With the various extensions available to the Modus Porch awning, you'll be sure to find the perfect fit of any caravan porch awning available on the market today.

The Modus Porch Awning Extensions are available in 60cm, 1mtr and 2mtr widths and are available in both left and right hand facing.  Add as many extensions as you like!

Heat Reflective , Ten Cate Coated Roof, Ten Cate-All Season Walls

Width 2m (7ft), Projection 2.3m (7ft+)

Colour:- Pearle/Charcoal Only

Prices From:- £499 Extensions 60cm (L & R) :-£149, 1mtr (L & R) :- £169

Portico Porch

Whether you're on the move all of the time or just need a place to kick off the muddy boots, the Portico can be erected in minutes and offers a strong and sturdy covering over the entrance to your caravan. Both sides of the Portico can be rolled back fully to the caravan side, remove the front panel completely and you now have small and convenient sun canopy.  Also featuring Bradcot’s unique “Movable Pegging System”


1.86m (6'1") Rail Length.

 1.60m (5'3") Projection. 

Heat Reflective, Ten cate Roof. 

Solution Dyed Acrylic walls.

Alloy Frame. Choice of colours.

Priced @ £399

Portico + Porch

The Portico Plus offers all the convenience and practicality of the Portico and is again because of it’s size and frame options, very quick and simple to erect.  The Portico Plus is roomier, with a projection of 6ft by 8ft wide.  Both it’s side panels can be rolled back fully to the caravan side, while the front panel can be removed altogether.

2.26m (7'5") Rail Length, Projection of 1.94m (6'4").

 Heat Reflective, Ten cate Roof.

Solution Dyed Acrylic walls.

Alloy frame. Choice of colours.

Priced @ £524

Portico XL Porch

The Portico XL has become our most popular selling porch awning, and it’s easy to understand why.  Not only does it boast the huge living space of a full awning it also offers the inherent features and benefits of one to.  It's depth of 8ft, allow one or both side panels to be removed and replaced with either a Standard or Tall 520 Annexe.  After fitting your Annexe, simply reverse the side panel and zip back in again, ideal to give a little privacy to those sleeping in the annexe, or great for hiding the bikes and barbecue.  One side panel has a Full Ventilated Side Mesh Window that can be used in either side.  But there is one feature of this porch that makes it stand out from any other.  The awning piping is continued down each side of the porch, allowing you to fix the porch to the rear of the caravan, this is often described as a Combi Porch Awning.

Ground Length,3.42m (11'4"), Projection2.40m (8'0").

Heat reflective, Ten cate Roof.

Solution Dyed Acrylic walls.

Alloy frame. Choice of colours.

Priced @ £699

Standard Annexe

Prices £169 Optional alloy frame £19

Tall Annexe

Prices £259 Optional alloy frame £39

Standard Annexe inner

Prices £55

Tall Annexe inner

Prices £60

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