Spring into action and prepare your leisure vehicle for the adventures that lie ahead in 2019 with these handy tips.

Congratulations to you if this winter’s weather hasn’t dampened your spirit of touring and you’ve managed to get out and about in, some would say, the best time of the year. But whether you have braved the elements or kept your leisure vehicle in hibernation, Spring is only just around the corner and with the current warm weather, you’ll think it’s already arrived.

“Nothing better than a bit of warmth to get you excited about the coming months of touring adventures and with Easter looming up on the horizon too, now is the perfect time to start preparing.”

If you’re planning your 1st touring holiday for the new season, here a few pointers to make sure your leisure vehicle is ready for the longer days and milder weather.

  1. If your leisure vehicle has been outside without a cover, it will almost certainly benefit from a good wash. Even if it’s been under a winter cover, you may still want to give the bodywork a spruce up. Our accessory shop carries many different cleaning agents from all the top manufacturers in order to target this job with relative ease. Please pop along to see us, where we can help and advise on any particular job you have in mind.
  2. Make sure the tyres are in good condition, with no signs of cracking or perishing on the sidewalls and that they have plenty of tread remaining. There is much speculation in our industry over tyres and when is the best time to change them. As the tyres quite often stand in one position for long periods. “Something quite unique to our industry”. As a responsible dealership we have, for road safety reasons, adopted a policy that the tyres need to be changed after every 6 years regardless of condition. This is a common policy advocated across the leisure industry but is not compulsory and still remains a strong recommendation. Don’t forget to check the pressures and pump them up to the correct amount as recommended by the manufacturer. They’ll probably have lost some air after standing still over the winter months. This is also a good time to check the wheel bolts and to torque them up, again to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  3. Before you set off on your first outing. Hitch the tow vehicle up and check the road lights are performing correctly and replace any bulbs that may have failed. Whilst you are in this situation, it’s also a good time to make sure the hitch assembly, together with any stabilising devises and brake away cables etc are performing as they should. Identifying any issues and rectifying them at this stage will make your holiday experiences much safer and pleasurable in the forthcoming months.
  4. The inside of the leisure vehicle can get a bit musty after its long winter hibernation, so a thorough clean and vacuum will help to cure this. Picking a dry day works wonders as you can open up all the windows and skylights letting much needed fresh air in to circulate.
  5. Check your leisure battery as it can often loose its charge if it’s been left over the winter months unattended. If you’ve made provision for this already by maintaining the battery on a trickle charge, all should be well. But a simple check at this stage will do no harm. Should the battery be found to be in a discharged state then a trickle charge will bring it back up to scratch. However, please note it may take several days to achieve its optimal level, especially if you’re thinking of using a motor mover or such like. However, if after several days the battery hasn’t got back to the correct level, then the chances are its’ performance has been compromised and a replacement is the only answer. As we specialise in this field, we always carry a selection of quality batteries in stock, at excellent prices, so if you need one, give us a call and we’ll see if we can help.
  6. Attach the gas bottle and check all the appliances work on the gas function. Even though many people don’t use the appliances on gas, it makes good sense to check them anyway as you never know when you may need them as back up if the electricity fails for some reason. Testing the appliances often helps clear any debris or insects that may have accumulated over the winter period and keeps them performing correctly if and when required.
  7. Even though you will have hopefully fully drained down your leisure vehicle’s water system before you put it into winter storage, it is recommended to sterilise, flush and refill the system in order to wash away any lingering musty smells. (including the flush tank and on board toilet) before you go away on your first holiday. The added benefit of doing this prior to your holiday is that you will be checking the system works correctly and that no nasty leaks have developed during the winter months in the taps or pipes.

Most of these checks can be carried out at home, but it is always a better approach to preparing your leisure vehicle for the new season by booking it in for a complete service by the experts.

At Ryedale we have fully trained and equipped staff to put your vehicle through its paces and give it a thorough check over. We check everything is working correctly from the fridge and water heater right through to the brakes and linkages with the ability to rectify any issues found as necessary. We also complete a full damp check and report to identify if there is any trouble looming in the not too distant future. Identifying a potential problem early can save £000’s and a lot of your precious time. Please contact our service department if you wish to book in your vehicle. Booking early is highly recommended as our facilities get extremely busy especially during peak times.

With your caravan or motorhome fully prepared, you can look forward to the start of another touring season with excitement and peace of mind.

Happy Holidays !!!