Thank you for your custom. We are confident you will enjoy your new caravan and go on to experience continued trouble free camping and touring holidays.

We take our obligations to you very seriously and therefore the caravan goes through and has passed our extensive pre delivery inspection (full service), to reach you in the best possible condition. We can also offer you the opportunity to extend the period of guarantee for up to three years to cover faults which may occur after you take delivery of your caravan if you so wish.

Platinum extendable cover is only available for caravans up to and including 7 years of age and will be subject to an annual service carried out by Ryedale Leisure Ltd. Should you require any further information on this, please do not hesitate to contact a member of either the sales or aftercare teams as they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
This guarantee is designed to contribute to the cost of repairs that need to be made to your caravan due to unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown of any of the components covered.

Mechanical breakdown is the sudden and unforeseen failure of a part arising from any permanent mechanical or electrical defect, (for a reason other than fair wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence), causing a sudden stoppage of its function, necessitating immediate repair or replacement of the offending part, before normal operation can be resumed.

Please read this guarantee document carefully. As you are probably aware, there is no such thing as a guarantee that will cover absolutely everything for any reason. (For example:- damage caused by frost, freezing, impact or abuse). This document sets out all you need to know about this guarantee and specifies what is covered and what is not covered by it.


The following components and associated labour costs are covered against mechanical or electrical breakdown.

All mechanical and electrical components are covered provided they were fitted as part of the original manufacturer’s specification, with the exception of those components listed under the section “EXCLUDED COMPONENTS”.

For caravans with a Platinum warranty and up to 10 years old, the cover will also include water ingress (body leaks). This is the ingress of water through any permanently sealed manufacturer constructed seam or joint and delamination of composite construction exterior body panels (subject to annual inspections having been completed).


This guarantee will not cover: bodywork (except for that relating to water ingress), paintwork, light units, interior and exterior trim, glass (including mirrors), windows, jockey wheel assemblies, corner steadies, window catches, stays and associated fittings, blinds, flyscreens, internal fixtures and fittings, hinges, cupboards, doors, door seals, work surfaces and similar décor, carpets & floor coverings, soft furnishings, seats, bulbs, bulb fasteners, fluorescent tubes, led units, shower tray, sink units and gas bottles, habitation battery, TV, music systems, air conditioning units, satellite systems, motor movers (unless otherwise specified on the sales order). Wheels and tyres, tracker units, wiring and electrical connections, pipes, hoses and hose clips, workshop consumables, general maintenance, adjustments and cleaning of components.


• Components specifically listed in the EXCLUDED COMPONENTS section of this document.
• Impact or accident damage.
• General maintenance and components failing due to normal wear and tear.
• The cosmetic appearance of any appliance if it has no effect on its overall performance or functionality.
• Damage caused by overheating, freezing, corrosion or the intrusion of harmful substances. (eg. battery acid).
• Improper use of the caravan, neglect, abuse of any kind, or damage that has been caused by towing after an initial fault has occurred.
• Damage to a covered component which has been caused by the failure of components not covered by this guarantee.
• Adjustments, the cleaning of components or diagnostic charges.
• Consequential damage or loss of any nature.
• Water ingress or delamination on caravans with Gold warranty cover or over 10 years old. (Unless otherwise stated on the sales order).


By taking out this guarantee you agree to comply with the following conditions. If you do not comply with these conditions, we may choose to cancel this guarantee, refuse to deal with your claim or reduce the cover that it offers.

• You must take all reasonable steps to avoid damage to your caravan or components.
• It is your responsibility to ensure that your caravan is maintained in a legal and roadworthy condition at all times.
• This guarantee is not transferable in the event that there is a change of ownership of the caravan.
• This guarantee is an addition to your legal rights if your caravan is found to be unfit for use or not of satisfactory quality.
• This guarantee will not cover your caravan if it:

A) Is used for hire or reward
B) Has been modified unless we have agreed this beforehand
C) Is used in any sort of race or similar competition
D) Has been the subject of an insurance total loss.


If you think your caravan has developed a fault that may be covered by this guarantee, you must contact our aftersales team in the first instance on 01509 508951 or email:- service@ryedaleleisure.com.

You will be required to return the caravan to Ryedale Leisure Ltd for assessment and for any repairs to be carried out. We will not be responsible for any third party claims or invoices that are not agreed beforehand by our aftercare department.