Project Description

Bradcot Awnings and Porches

Bradcot Direct AwningsThe acclaimed Bradcot range launched their Air proches in 2015 and they have since become a holy grail product. Bradcot awnings use only the highest quality, European sourced “Ten Cate” fabrics. Aspire Air porches feature an ingenious frame that uses an inflation bladder which sets them aside from other air awnings on the market. Crafted from the best available TPU, the quality and thickness of the material ensures a long lasting product that is well worth investing in.

The design allows filling from only one inflation point, of which there are 4 in total – which help deflate the porch at rapid speed. When used in conjunction with the supplied E-pump, the awning can be inflated in under two minutes giving you more time to enjoy using it.

As suppliers of quality awnings for 50 years, the 2014 Bradcot product range is our best ever. By using long established manufacturing excellence and material quality sourced from the finest suppliers in Europe, we are able to provide all-season performance at realistic prices. Packed with innovative features and design options, we are sure we have something to fit everyone’s requirements and budget. Whether it be a weekend break or a longer stay, the investment in quality and durability gives you total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your enjoyment and comfort won’t be compromised no matter what the elements throw at you.

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