Project Description

Kampa Rally Air Pro

Rally Air Pro


The Rally Air Pro is the ultimate inflatable awning incorporating everything we know about awning technology and embracing thirty-five years of awning experience. The awning has heavy duty Weathershield® roof and walls, but is still light enough for easy set-up and handling. The Rally Air Pro will complement any caravan and is available in three sizes to suit your own needs and size of caravan. Both the 260 and 330 have two front panels that roll to the sides or can be used veranda style. The 390 has the same panel arrangement but the centre panel can be rolled up as well.

Additional ventilation has been added to the apex of the awning to help with condensation and an optional roof liner can be fitted to the awning, creating an air pocket that helps regulate the temperature by keeping it warmer when it is cooler and cooler when it is warmer. Blinds can be conveniently stowed away in pockets underneath the panels rather than dealing with the hassle of rolling up blinds and tying them in place and as well as roof lining, inner tents are also available as well as many other accessories including the new Kampa Hanging Rail and Organiser that fit onto the Kampa AccessoryTrack®.